Is Quest a good longboard brand?

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Most longboarders, especially beginners, usually find it difficult choosing the right longboard for their riding styles. With lots of different longboard brands on the market, it’s hard to point out which product is better than the other.

However, being experienced longboarders, we understand how important it is for you to know what brands you can trust when selecting your new boards. Which is why we’ll be discussing a few notable longboard brands in our following posts. Hope you’ll have a general idea about their lines of products and how they fit your skating preferences.

In this post, we’ll be introducing Quest, a well-known longboard company. Find out about their products, the pros and cons to decide whether Quest a good longboard brand for you.

About Quest

Are Quest Longboards A Good Brand For Beginner

For those who don’t know, Quest longboards have been around for a long time ever since skateboarding first become a thing. With its main establishment in Mars Company, California, US, Quest is one of few skateboard brands still produce their boards on American’s soil. Which is why their products are often recommended by skateboarders for their quality.

With a long history in the skateboarding and longboarding industry, Quest has developed multiple lines of longboards ranging from cruiser, downhill, carver, and so on. Hence, you’ll likely to find the right longboard for your personal preferences.

And last but not least, Quest longboards often come with high quality and reasonable prices. This is largely because of the synchronized manufacturing chain that provides the best board in short amounts of time.

Is Quest A Good Longboard Brand

Here, we’ll be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Quest longboards so you can have a good look at the brand’s credibility. It’s your job to decide whether Quest a good longboard brand for you.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard


Reliable boards for different riding styles

Quest longboards cover a wide variety of different riding styles with different build and materials. You can find almost every wooden skateboard for multiple purposes, such as downhill racing, cruising, carving, freestyle skating, and so on.

Nonetheless, the high-quality plywood longboards would keep you well positioned and balanced while riding. For casual transportation, you can look for thinner boards from Quest, which offer better flex and shock absorption. On the other hand, if you’re more into downhill racing, their rigid boards will definitely be a great help.

Recently, the brand also introduces their new longboard decks which are constructed from both maple and bamboo plywood. The new design allows Quest longboards to maintain their renowned quality while also help to reduce costs due to the cheaper materials.

Large and thick wheels for reliable rides

With most of their wheels are made from polyurethane plastic, Quest longboards offer extremely good resistance to heat, small rocks, and pebbles on the streets. You’ll find their cruiser boards extremely comfortable as they feature soft wheels and smooth surfaces that allow you to enjoy pleasant rides.

For downhill racing, the large and thick wheels that Quest provides are guaranteed to provide better speed as well as more stability for the board. In addition, wheel bites are no longer a problem thanks to the better positioning of wheels and decks.

Rigid and reliable trucks

Skateboard deck construction

For those who often find it difficult to stand firmly on their boards, Quest offers rigid and reliable trucks that are made completely from Aluminum. Moreover, the bushings are intelligently designed and positioned so that they can reduce the impacts and speed wobbles while you’re riding fast. Still, your bushings would likely to need a few rides to break-in properly.

Modest designs

Although the engineers at Quest prefer to keep their products modest instead of coming up with new designs, Quest longboards are still considered attractive thanks to their professional designs. In addition, thanks to the standardized manufacturing and clean finishes, Quest longboards won’t lose their coating and coloring easily.

Reasonable pricing

With no attention of coming up with new designs or introducing new technologies, the engineers at Quest can focus more on the manufacturing of their products. This translates in the impressive quality and longevity of Quest longboards. You can choose a Quest product and be satisfied with your choice for a very long time.

And most importantly, this allows the brand to keep their prices competitive despite competitions from other skateboard brands that have their factories established in China.


Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels

Average-quality bearings

The thing with Quest longboards that we don’t like is that they often focus too much on the budget products and doesn’t have a premium line of products. Although it’s not entirely a bad thing, this means that Quest must make a few compensations to cut down their costs and make their products competitive.

And in most cases, they choose to the bearings and often introduce bearings with low ABEC ratings to their budget boards. If you’re a skateboarder and often prioritize doing tricks, then this might not affect you too much. However, as longboarders, we need our wheels to spin fast and precisely. Which is why when you’re riding on wheels with low ABEC ratings, you won’t likely to feel comfortable.

Lack of a signature line of products

With their manufacturing focus solely on making the standardized and well-recognized longboards, fans of Quest rarely see their favorite brand rolling out new designs to the market. While this isn’t entirely a bad thing, it means that consumers will have fewer choices when it comes to new designs.

We believe that it’s time for Quest to roll out their premium line of products with unique designs being introduced to longboarder. Now that they’ve achieved a solid milestone in longboard manufacturing.

Final Thoughts

Being stationary when doing tricks

All in all, Quest is still considered one of the good longboard brands out there which offer high-quality products that are both durable and inexpensive. If you’re a longboard beginner, it’s always a good decision to start your longboarding journey with Quest. However, we believe that they’ll need to step up the game and deliver more innovative products if they want to establish themselves as the best longboard brands.