About Us

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Skateboarding is part of our lifestyle. We ride our boards to school and to work. As a matter of fact, we truly believe this is the transportation of the future. If you like a “go-green” lifestyle that’s both stylish and cool, we invite you to pick up skateboarding!

We are an energetic, skilled, and efficient team of four people. Our mission with hardnooklife.com is to promote this awesome sport and transportation to more people across the globe.

You may not believe that trees have soul, but you can see all the negative effects gases have on our environment right before your own eyes. Skateboarding, although small, can make a difference.

Patrick K. Alvarez

I’m the founder of hardnooklife. Skateboarding is something that I’ve loved for a long time. I now ride my electric skateboard to work every day. It’s reliable, it’s safe, and it’s fashionable. Although the board does consume a bit of energy, it exhausts zero toxic gases. I get to my destination fast and in style.

Samuel P. Daniels

I love longboarding. You can believe it when you hear people say it’s like surfing the sidewalk. Because it’s exactly what longboarding feels like. Longboards are especially a great choice if you’re living in hilly areas like Utah. Riding around town has never been more fun and easy. I’ll share more of my experience on the blog with you.

Margarita B. Bell

I’m a designer and a skateboard lover. I combine both of my passions to create stunning designs for skateboards. What I usually do is sanding off the back of a deck. Then, I make the sketches on the board. I paint it with acrylic paint. Many riders have also asked me to custom design their boards as well. I’m happy to share what I know on the site!

Ryan P. Henslee

I’m a coder and I have to sit long hours every day. To help me get better physical health, I take up skateboarding. It’s a super fun and easy sport. What I enjoy doing most is fixing my board. When you ride the board for a good period of time, you’ll find many problems like a dirty grip tape, chipped deck, etc. How do you fix these without breaking the bank? I will show you easy solutions that may cost $10 or less. Join us, bro!