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TWS Staff Skate Session: Lunch shred 7

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#TWSstaffSession #7 featuring Keegan Callahan (Creative Director), Paul Kobriger (Marketing Director), Brian Blakely (Managing Editor), Joe Pease (Video Production Manager) Jaime Owens (Editor-In-Chief), Mike Fitz (Sales Manager) . Filmed and Edited on iPhone... READ MORE

NOOKlife: TampaPro 2015

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Took the trip out to Tampa Pro this year with TWS. Filmed some of the Finals and put together this raw little edit of highlights from runs. Way too ripping of a time... READ MORE

NOOKlife: Christian’s Bday BUTTTER shred

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This weekend ruled. Plain and simple. The reason, GOOD FRIENDS. Christian hit me up for a skate/moto/rip/bbq/ramp kinda day, I obliged. Handled my bike service first thing, Christian came over we played some... READ MORE